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Green Tea Ice Cream 3.90

Vanilla Ice Cream 3.90

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream 4.50

(Green Tea, Vanilla)

Deep Fried Ice Cream 8.90

(Green Tea, Vanilla)


Natural Water, Sparkling water 3.50

Coca cola, Diet coke, Ginger ale, Sprite 2.20

Iced Tea, Iced Green tea 2.20

Orange Juice 2.90

Ramune Japanese carbonated soda 3.00

Fresh Lemonade squeeze lemon 3.70


Kirin Ichiban, Light 7.00

Asahi 7.00

Sapporo Silver Can 11.00

Bud Light 5.00

Stella Artois 6.00

Soju Cocktail

glass/5.90 pitcher/19.50

Lemon Soju Cocktail

Yogurt Soju Cocktail

Red Vinegreat Soju Cocktail


Cold Sake

Rich Body goes best with cooked, smoked or rich food

Hakushika Chokara extra-dry (less sweet) 300ml 17.50

Hakushika Junmai Ginjo full-body 300ml 18.00

Light and Smooth goes well with refreshing dished

Ozeki Karatama(Jinmai Ginjo) 300ml 22.00

very good with fried or spicy food


Shirakabe kura 300ml 24.50

Otokoyama 300ml very dry 26.50

Hakkaisan 300ml 37.00

Rich Type (unfiltered Sake)

Ozeki Nigori 375ml 17.00

surprisingly smooth and rich


Choya Plum Wine 750ml sweet and exotic flavor

6.90/glass bottle/27.00

Sake sampler 12.50

chokara, nigori(unfiltered), hakushika junmai

Hot Sake

Hakushika Premium Sake 6.00

rich and full body very smooth

Sake Bomb 5.90

glass of Beer, cup of hakushika premium sake

Korean Soju by the bottle 375ml

Chum-churum soju potato distilled 13.50

Red Wine

Tortoise Creek Merlot

Merlot is full of fresh, bright aromas and flavors of red and

black berries, cherries and herbs. It is round, rich and ripe with

Soft tannins.

$8.50/glass $29.00/bottle

Tortoise Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

It is loaded with aromas and flavors of red and black cherries, supported by vanilla and cedar nuances.

$8.50/glass $29.00/bottle

Pinot Noir Tortoise creek pinot noir $28.00/bottle

White Wine

Tortoise Creek Chardonnay

Bight, fresh aromas and flavors of citrus, pear, apple and white flowers. It includes just a touch of oak and the creamy texture is supported by fresh acidity and a long clean finish.

$8.50/glass $29.00/bottle

Torre di Luna Pinot Grigio

Hand picked harvest with selection of the grapes :

fermentation at controlled Temperature for 8-9 days in

stainless steel vats

$8.90/glass $32.00/bottle


This of dry wine from Rgaz of Germany and offers nice spice

$8.90/glass $32.00/bottle